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Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is in full swing in the Caribbean and those 145 mile an hour winds might be battering the coasts an ocean away but we all know this usually signals the start of our own windy times. Let’s hope we don’t get our own hurricane like we did in 1987. Back then, for those of us who were around,  the havoc created, particularly in the south east, was devastating as well as the tragic loss of lives. It took many months for folk to be back to some sort of normality and the landscape of some areas like Sevenoaks for example was changed forever.

Those of us sensible enough to have adequate insurance were of course financially redressed but no amount of money can really hope to compensate for this kind of event. As well as ensuring your insurance is up to date and fit for purpose some other sensible measures can be taken to, at least, lessen the likelihood of suffering such heartache:

  • Check your fences, sheds, garden furniture and the like are secure. These will not generally be covered under a conventional home insurance and  garden furniture and ornaments have an annoying habit of striking windows and conservatories when blown by high winds
  • Replace those loose tiles and repair that flashing. These are areas most likely to be vulnerable to high winds and when one tile goes more usually follow
  • Flat roofs are particularly prone to lifting so make sure the joints are sealed properly; once a section lifts it is swiftly followed by the tearing of the rest
  • Guttering  and downpipes. Plastic replacement drainage is all well and good but the old lead and cast iron ones were rock solid in the wind. Check the brackets are secure and renew those that are loose
  • Anything covered with a tarpaulin or polytunnels are extremely vulnerable. Sometimes no amount of tethering can be 100% reliable. In some cases removal of the outdoor cover for your classic car for example can be preferable than leaving  a plastic cover and ties to rub away at the paintwork
  • Holiday homes are all too often neglected or forgotten when the bad weather arrives so all the above measure apply too
  • Moorings. Those of us lucky enough to have boats need to check their lines are secure and the ropes aren’t past their best. No-one  wants to find their 40 foot cruiser lying across their next door neighbour’s day boat do they?

These are just some fairly simple and perhaps obvious precautions but are worth doing as opposed to relying solely on the insurance to put things right. Quality Insurance are here to help with any general questions whether you are a current customer or not. If you are we can check that your policy will be up to the task of giving your full indemnity should the worst case scenario happen……LET’S HOPE IT DOESN’T!