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Save on your Energy Bills

Energy Bill


The UK’s Healthcare Sector spends more than £400 million per year on energy, and bills are expected to double within the next 10 years! Here are our top tips for saving money on your bills:


  1. Fix Your Prices- Choosing a fixed rate tariff means you will pay the same price for your energy for the length of your contract. You can fix your bills for up to 5 years! Since 2015, energy costs have increased by 25% and are expected to increase by another 15% in the next 2 years, so there’s no better time to fix your bills!
  2. Switch Energy Supplier- If you haven’t switched your energy supplier in the last 3 years, there’s a chance you’ll be paying more than you need for your energy! If you don’ take action when your current contract expires, you will be moved onto the company’s standard tariff which will not always be its cheapest.
  3. Turn Thermostat Down- 70% of the cost of your energy bill is a result of heating. Turning your thermostat down by just 1 degree can save up to £75 a year in a typical home, so just think how much it can save in your care home, and you probably won’t even notice a difference!
  4. LED Lights- Changing your lightbulbs to energy-saving lights is an easy way to cut your energy bills. LED light-bulbs also last a lot longer than traditional ones, so it will save you money in the long term as well! Why not think about installing motion sensors as well, so that your lights only come on when needed?
  5. Use Less Energy- This one may sound simple, but everyone is guilty of it! Making a cup of tea? Only boil as much water as you need! Doing the washing? Make sure your washing machine is full before putting it on! Leaving a room? Turn off the lights! All very simple tips but they will all reduce the price of your bills.

Take a look on our Energy Page for full info on how we can save you money!